We believe all people deserve a good night's sleep. Many parents think that having a baby means sacrificing their rest and well being. We'd like to throw a wrench in that way of thinking and propose that with the proper understanding of your infant's needs and the use of some of our simple and gentle sleep techniques the whole family will be sleeping better.

Our Sleep Program

We provide simple and caring sleep advice with parents’ and babies’ emotional and attachment needs in mind. Our helpful strategies will enable your child (and you) to get much needed rest. Our philosophy of sleep learning is guided by a non-judgmental approach and our programs are specifically tailored to each individual family’s needs, with your personal parenting ideals in mind.

With sleep there is no “one size fits all” solution. We welcome the opportunity to help you discover your own harmonious balance for your family.

During your sleep consultation:

  • You will be provided with current research and information related to pediatric sleep and child development.
  • We will discuss your baby’s current sleep and feeding routine as well as perform a complete assessment of your child’s sleep needs.
  • You will be provided with a step-by-step sleep learning plan specifically tailored to your child’s temperament and your personal parenting style.
  • You will receive 2 weeks of phone or email support to coach you and your little one through the sleep learning process.
our sleep program

Our Expert

Our resident sleep expert, Brandi Jordan, MSW, is the Founder of Practical Parenting™, and owner of The Cradle Company parenting center and boutique. She holds a B.A. in Child Development, and a Master’s of Social Work from USC. In addition to her own methods, Brandi has been trained and certified as a Gentle Sleep Coach by Kim West, LCSW-C aka "the Sleep Lady" and author of Goodnight, Sleep Tight. Brandi has been helping new parents since 1998 and has worked with hundreds of newborns, including over two dozen sets of multiples, in the home, as well as a consultant, and group leader. This has enabled her to brand a unique philosophy of parenting that is pragmatic, practical, and healthy for the “whole” family.

For more information about the Gentle Sleep Coach program visit www.sleeplady.com.

*Please understand that due to high client volume it may take up to 4 business days to receive a return phone call.

Did you know you can use your Flex Spending Account to pay for your consultation? Give us a call to find out how our other clients are using this tool to get their consultations covered!


Our Pricing

Personalized Basic Sleep (Virtual) Consultation - $495

With our Personalized Basic Sleep Consultation, your Sleep Specialist will meet you in our comfortable space in Pasadena, CA or via phone/skype for your consult. This consult includes:

  • Intake and review of extensive history on pregnancy, labor, health, habits and other topics as they relate to sleep
  • A 1 hour consultation with our Sleep Specialist
  • The confidence that your child will be looked at as an individual by a masters level specialist with an extensive background in child development
  • A personalized sleep plan for your family
  • 2 weeks of additional phone/email support (max 10 min/day call or text)
Schedule A Time

Overnight Sleep Consultation - $1695 (Staff consultant). $3295 (Brandi Jordan)

With our Overnight Sleep Consultation, you will receive all that is included in an In-Home Consultation plus 2 nights in-person implementation for those clients that need hands on guidance to get you off to the best start.

  • Additional nights are billed at $75/hr

To schedule an overnight consult, please call our office: 323.662.0100

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