"My husband and I often tell our friends that the money we spent on Brandi's services was the by far the best money we have ever spent.  She not only helped us lovingly sleep train our 10 month old daughter, but she saved our marriage.  My husband and I were at opposite ends of the sleep training spectrum.  He believed in cry-it-out and I believed in never letting our daughter cry.  Brandi met us in the middle.  She gave us tools that we both believed in and felt confident using consistently.  The entire training process never felt too stressful or cruel, to me. It was a gradual gentle yet firm approach.  Brandi seemed to have a sixth sense about what to do and it was kind of magical.  We credit our daughter's sleeping ease to Brandi and the Cradle Company hands down."


"Brandi has a special gift with babies and helped save my sanity when my son was waking every hour at 6 months old following a surgery he had to remove a large birthmark.  I was able to completely trust her with my son as she gently guided him to sleeping longer stretches. She is a true professional and a pleasure to have in the house. I fully recommend her services."


"Brandi at the Cradle Company is amazing! After having a consultation with her, my only regret was that we didn't see her sooner! She was great about getting to know our family so that she could figure out what kind of sleep training would work best for us. She was incredibly supportive, helpful and always available at any time of the day or night. I don't know what we would have done without her!"


"Brandi arrived on our doorstep to find two very confused, very addled, very bleary new parents and one skeptical newborn. After a single night of her good counsel and support, we were hooked. Brandi is sensible, kind, warm, thoughtful, firm but not strict, and helpful beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. She gave us a schedule to follow, valuable advice, and - most importantly - empowered us to believe we could master this parenting thing ourselves. We and our two children (now 5 and 2) owe her a debt of gratitude we can never quite repay."

Emily & Peter

"It's hard to put into words how my husband and I feel about Brandi.  She was the calming, reassuring hand that guided us through the first weeks of our son's life.  She helped me find my own rhythm with my baby and I felt so safe knowing she was there with us every step of the way. She has a language with babies that is fascinating to watch and learn from and my baby always felt calm and peaceful in her care.  Those beginning months, which could have been terrifying and overwhelming will always be a memory of joy and discovery and we owe that to Brandi."


"I've never met anyone more in tune with infants than Brandi.  She was our night nurse for our twin girls for 2 months.  Her intuitive way with babies, backed by her thorough understanding of sleep science, made me rest assured that my girls were in the best hands possible.  Brandi was the main reason we not only survived- but thrived- during those early weeks with twins.  My advice: hire her before someone else does!"

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